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Collaborating with parents to create customized strategies to promote cooperation, connection and a more positive home environment.

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Parenting is hard. No one warns you about the challenges that come with raising tiny humans. Yes, there are joyous moments and countless blessings that come with being a parent. However, you are constantly questioning yourself and wondering if you are making the right choices or responding the right way. Guess what? This means you are a good parent. A great parent in fact. There is no official guidebook out there on how to raise your own child or how to address their behaviors. Every child, every family is different. This is where I come in: to identify specific needs to help your family unit thrive. My passion is to provide families with supportive solutions to make their lives easier and the home a more positive one. You don’t have to do this alone!

Common Early Childhood Behavior Issues


*Defiance, not following directions

*Difficulty with transitions

*Potty training/toileting

*Sleep training


*Picky eating

*Aggression: biting, hitting, kicking, etc.

*Social skills: relationships with peers, using manners, etc.

*Fears/worry, separation anxiety

*Sibling conflict

What people are saying.

"We are the parents of a 3 year old boy who was exhibiting behavioral problems both at home and at school. We reached out to Brighid for a consultation. We shared our concerns with her in detail and she promptly responded with a detailed behavioral plan for our son. The behavioral plan was extremely beneficial. It provided us with the function of our son's behavior, as well as a customized step by step plan for rewarding positive behaviors. In addition, the plan provided detailed information of how to respond to behaviors and situations which have been troublesome with our son. She also created supplemental visual aides that helped our son understand what was expected of him. In her comprehensive customized plan, she meticulously laid out multiple examples of situations known to trigger him and how to potentially defuse the negative behavior before it began and when not possible how best to address the behavior. After sharing the plan with us, Brighid followed up on a regular basis to track our son's progress. She was always available for any questions we had. Our son has recently turned 4 and his behaviors have drastically improved. He is becoming a well adjusted pre-schooler and often receives compliments from his pre-school teacher. We credit this in large part to the strategies and plan Brighid implemented for us. We can't recommend Brighid enough as both a professional and truly caring person. We are so grateful for everything she has done for our son and our family."

Lauren S.


"We are so grateful to have found Brighid. When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, his Doctor suggested we see a behavioral specialist. He recommended Brighid. I quickly learned that Brighid was expected to deliver a baby within that week. Despite that, she was quick to respond to my email and set up a time to meet. She offered a virtual or in-person consultation to accommodate my needs, even though she was the one about to deliver a baby. We set up a time to meet within the week. She was understanding and empathetic to the frustrations I was facing with my son and validated my feelings. She asked all the appropriate questions in order to gather information for her assessment. Shortly after meeting, Brighid created a behavioral plan, provided tools, and charts to go along with the plan. I look forward to following up, and discussing the progress that my son and I have made. I highly recommend Brighid!"

Engy H.


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Brighid for over 15 years through school, work, and seeking advice for my own child. In every capacity, Brighid has been very compassionate, hard working, reliable, and intelligent. Her experience working with children of all ages and abilities is evident by her ability to problem solve and offer realistic and effective plans and suggestions. She is a caring expert who relates well with children and adults. It is without hesitation that I give Brighid the highest recommendation and review. You will love her!"

Katherine F., SLP


"Brighid has been wonderful to work with! She has offered us such useful strategies to help with our 2 year old’s behaviors, potty training and growth. Something that I have appreciated more than I expected was the reassurance and encouragement. Being a parent is hard and sometimes those words from someone who I respect and trust are all I need to get through a difficult week."

Becky N.


"Brighid takes the latest evidence-based techniques and applies them with insight and compassion to your individual family and child to create a plan that works."

Jesse S., M.D.


"Any parent knows how hard it is to be a parent! We all need support, particularly when our children are struggling with their behaviors and we are struggling with how to handle them! Brighid is kind, patient and a wonderful teacher. She helped me understand my child's behavior and even my own to know how to handle situations more effectively. She has a collaborative approach so she helps the child with the skills as well as parents. It's a team effort and she is supportive every step of the way. I highly recommend Brighid for anything from small issues to major meltdowns!"



Custom Solutions Package


» Initial consultation session: introduction, review of process, and thorough discussion of child’s challenging behavior(s)

» Individualized interventions  designed to decrease your child’s challenging behavior

» Delivery of Custom Behavioral Package, including visuals/materials, within 7-10 business days

» Follow-up session to discuss implementation of strategies and address questions





» Observations and/or assessments conducted within the home or school environment

» Parent training/coaching on strategies and interventions

» Any additional home/school supports

Session-based work

» Virtual or in-person

» Discuss child’s challenging behavior(s) 

» Parent training/coaching on individualized strategies and interventions 

»Ongoing depending on need

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